How can you find out if TP has a room designated properly?

I just modified my September reservation to BLT standard deluxe studio.

Why that was available is anyone’s guess. It hasn’t been there for weeks - guess someone got their wish to move maybe?

Anyway I decided to check for a room request. And I have found a KILLER of a room that TP shows as standard view. But lordy if this is standard it is quite a steal as it definitely comes off to me as more of a TPV.

I know TP does their very best with this stuff. I also know they sometimes have rooms designated to the wrong category.

How can I find out, before I make a request in a category I have not booked, and wind up with a view of a dumpster for lack of other request?

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I don’t think you can - but if its 7318, I think they are legit. It has reviews stating that they got it as a standard.

I’m also going to add that you should be cautious, as that area also overlooks the loading dock. Which is probably why its standard. Nothing like an early morning wake up call of truck reverse alarms!

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Nah, it’s not that far down the hallway. It overlooks the actual entryway for the resort.


That is THE worst. Almost all of my worst hotel nights have been in rooms near loading areas.

Wait that’s not right

7514 is the area you mention. please hold… (jeopardy music)

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Umm look again at the TP Room finder - one of the pictures for 7514 shows the loading dock.
We posted at the same time.

Correction 7318

see below.

I had been poking around and the last room I looked at was 7514 but it’s 7318 which is before the loading dock

Well that one also has a review saying that they got it as a standard, so it should be legit. Could be a little noisy with traffic in the Port Cochere, but nothing crazy. I’d risk it for that view.

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I think it has to do with the floor number. Is that the 3rd floor?

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yes, it’s definitely a lower floor. and the same location higher up is not standard. so i did wonder that.

I think that is why it is standard.


If it’s on floor 1-5 it’s a standard view, even if it looks towards MK. Floor 6 & up looking that way (West) will be theme park view.


Yeah i just requested a 1 br standard view on 5th floor with a nice look at space and a side view of Cindy right in that area

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