How can WDW ever be busy today?

That often goes through my head as well…when I say often i mean at least once per day. They would get just as much work done there as they would at home some days. Zero!


This is where I’m at today!!


I am taking kids out of school for two weeks every year to travel. By traveling when school is in session we save at least 20-25% on airfare and hotels.
Don’t know if we have something similar to ‘unexcused absences’ in our school board, but our school never gave me hard time for this. I just call the school before we travel and report them absent for ‘family matters’.
My parenting excuse for it - kids will learn just as much, if not more, when they travel as they will in school. When high school starts I may change my mind on this…


My DS16 does self paced online school so I’m just going to have him make it up the week of thanksgiving this time. My daughter had Mon and Tuesday off and I just let her get three unexcused absences. I’m willing to let her miss up to one week so long as she is doing well in classes for cooler/cheaper travel especially because I’m divorced and don’t have her for any of her spring breaks or 6 weeks in the summer of her fathers choosing which he has till the last minute to choose. It would be impossible to plan a wdw trip except for Christmas or thanksgiving and I’ve tried that. It’s too packed.

Depends on the age of the kids too. We take our kids out for a week or so every winter to escape the snow. They are only in Grade 2 and Kindergarten. They don’t miss anything that they don’t already know. We may not take them out of school when they are older, but for now, it works.

Not only school-cations. But working-from-home can help people vacation. We went late August for a week and I only took 3 days of vacation. I worked from the hotel room Monday and Friday while DH and DD did the pools one day and penny-pressing another day. They have more energy than I do, so I was happy to sit in a chair and work.

I also just think WDW is always busy, no? And now limit attendance… boom - busy.

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We pull our kids out of school to do fall DW trips, to avoid both crowds & the crushing summer Florida heat. They are only in 1st & 4th grades. When they get older and they will miss too much complicated schoolwork (like middle or high school), then we will stop. Our district doesn’t care, we just have to tell the teacher & school a week before.

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me too me too!