How can one give a TP subscription as a gift to someone else?

@Lentesta Apologies if this has been asked & answered already, but perhaps this might be timely for the holiday season if it hasn’t been.

My brother-in-law is planning to bring his young family to WDW for the 1st time next year. I got him the 2015 UG as a Christmas gift, and would like to get him a subscription to TP also. How can one go about doing that, i.e. buying a subscription for someone else’s email address. I’d want the billing info to come to my email address, but the subscription info (& once activated, password) to be linked to the recipient’s email address.

Is there any way to do this? Many thanks!

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I asked about this a couple years ago and they didn’t have a good way to do this without asking the person ahead of time what username they wanted to use. I gave up and chose a different gift for my friend. I hope there’s a better way to handle gift subscriptions now.

We can do it through an invitation that we can mail to you. Send me an email @ejj and we can make sure it works.

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