How can 2 similar same-day personalized plans produce such different results?

After optimizing one MK plan (Avg walking speed & Balanced walk/wait), I created a 2nd plan for same day but deleted 2 rides & changed dining time & location. I know they won’t match exactly, but wait times on 2nd optimized plan were significantly longer for 3 rides, & on one of them rejected a FP+ time & scheduled a 34 min wait, when delaying the arrival time 7 min would have ALLOWED use of the FP. In all, the 2nd plan added about 15% to total wait time, but some rides stayed the same, fewer were reduced, and 4 increased significantly. Is this normal? Can I “force” FP acceptance by the TP program? (yes, I had inserted all 3 FPs)

That does not sound right. You are saying that 7 minutes into the 34 minute wait your FPP reservation would become valid? Double check that you have the FPP time entered correctly. If everything looks OK, then email with your questions and include the URLs for the two plans.

Oh, well this is embarrassing…reminds me of “toaster won’t work; well plug it in!” :confused: Looks like I fat-fingered the mouse-click & entered PM instead of 11:40 AM. THAT made a difference. Still not perfect, but i think we can work with this. THANK YOU for reminding me to check the obvious. bk

Don’t worry, you are not the first person to do that. Or the second. Or the hundredth. :slight_smile: