How busy it it Christmas Week?

ive been to WDW several times and have heard parks can close during this week because they are so busy.
Is it the same situation at UOR? i have never been and thought this could be a nice change. How many days would we need- is 4 good? 2 adults, 2 teens


Oh yes, it’s crazy busy. But it’s rare for USF & IOA to close because of capacity. But knowing that last Christmas covid was still prevalent, it could happen this holiday season with the continued revenge travel. You would be safe from this if you stay on site.

You could very well need close to 4 days if you don’t have Express Pass that skips the standby line at most attractions. The 3 premier hotels include this perk though. 2 nights staying here would get you 3 park days with EP. You would only need to do standby for Hagrid’s and Velocicoaster.


I’ll be there, checking in Christmas Eve for 4 nights. Staying at Portofino (good deal about 12 months ago- tried to add an extra night recently and they quoted $940 for 1 night!). Hoping the Express Passes do indeed allow us to get all done over the 4 day ticket we have. Are bracing ourselves for the crowds though.