How busy is VWL Pool with WL Main Pool closed?

Is it utter chaos? Going in 4 weeks and a little worried, wondering if we should book a night away at a different hotel in the middle of our DVC rental week just to get a relaxing pool experience. Kids 3 and 5.
Thanks for any input from those who have been recently. :slight_smile: Trying hard to keep the magic but this trip has been one small hiccup after another. (First world problems, I know! We’re going to Disney!)

We just got back from WL. Despite the resort being at 100% capacity, it was not crowded at Hidden Springs pool at all.

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Yay! Thank you so much. I’ve been losing sleep over this. (Stupid, I know, but there it is.)

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No, it stressed me out, too. But there were maybe 10 people in the pool last week.

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@KeliJ, it might be helpful too if you could share the times of day that the pool was uncrowded for you guys. Glad it worked out! I am thinking about times of day because I know other pools really fill up at midday break time but are peaceful otherwise.

It was 2 pm or so each day we went.


That’s awesome! At 2 pm labor day weekend the main pool at CBR was so full I felt like a sardine, ha ha.

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@KeliJ, you made me very, very happy, and you saved me $120 since I was going to book a Little Mermaid room for one night of our trip just to get the Little Mermaid pool at AoA. But now I’m feeling much better that it’ll be a-ok. Thank you!