How Buggy Is WDW?

This is a random question but in the fall (say, October) how much are bugs an issue while touring? I am debating whether we need bug spray in our touring bag. I have small children as well as adults, and I get big hives in reaction to mosquitos, but it seems like it could be overkill. Thanks!

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We've never had trouble with bugs at WDW. I always take bug spray, but I don't think I've ever used it. I can't really say anything specifically about Oct. since I've only been once during that time, and it was 25 yrs ago. We're more worried about getting sunburned!

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Never, ever an issue here either w dozens of visits.

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Rarely buggy, but a couple times I've noticed a bunch of some sort of bug (not mosquitos) in Epcot. My recollection is that this happened in the spring during Flower & Garden, so they flew in to visit all the extra plants, but that could just be a coincidence.

Thanks everyone! We will probably bring it along but not pack it in the touring bag. Appreciate the feedback!

I have never had any issues, but I would bring it if I were you since you get more of a reaction to it. You probably will not need it, but better to have it on hand, than to buy it on Disney properties.

Never had an issue... But we are always winter visitors.

The only issues I've ever heard on lines were near the river at POR, rare occurrence, and then one May I was at WDW during a freakish fly infestation -- literally dozens and dozens swarming around our table outside at Gaston's, yuck... But that was just one weird thing. Usually it's amazingly bug-free.