How booked is the cruise I'm considering?

Does anyone know how to determine how booked the different cruise itineraries are? For example, I’m trying to determine roughly how many staterooms are currently booked/available on the Disney Dream 5/27/23 and 6/3/23 sailings.

You would have to choose each category and then look and see how many staterooms are available.

Also, are you concerned by how many staterooms are available or how many people will be on board? I recently did a sailing on the Magic. There was a Disney+ deal where the 3rd and 4th occupants in a room were free. So there were tons of people on board that sailing.


Both of those sailings are being offered for restricted fares. To me that means a couple of things: 1) they aren’t selling as well as Disney wants, hence the discounted fares, and 2) you can’t reliably tell how many rooms are available by doing a hypothetical booking, because some of those rooms (who knows how many!) are going to be assigned to passengers who bought restricted fares, where Disney will assign the rooms last minute.

Many of the Dream’s summer sailings in Europe seem to be up for the discounted fares, so I think there’s decent hope for having fewer people on board. I have my eye on one in August, though perhaps just a dream for now. . . pun intended!

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Mostly concerned about how many stations are booked/available.