How best to use for complicated trip

I always use the TP dashboard to plan and request rooms, etc. But I have a complicated trip. New DVC member, 1st trip using DVC. 12/9 1 night AllStar Sports. Then 12/10-12/16 at Copper Creek Studio. Then 5 nights Boardwalk Villas Studio. Finally 1 night Pop Century. We are on wait list for CC for the 12/9 and BW for the 12/21 dates.


  1. How do I configure the dashboard for more than 1 hotel/DVC property?
  2. How do I request room at 4 different places using the TP automatic fax service?
  3. Any experience with letting cast members (bellhop services) transfer bags between parks? They already are doing the DVC CC to BW transfer, and I was told they could do the others for just tips both ends.
  4. What are the chances that the DVC properties will open up? I have been on the wait list for a month, and they won’t give even a guess as to whether these might come available. Our flights are set, so we will need rooms for those nights.
  5. What will the FastPass+ period be for such a complicated trip? Will I be able to get all days starting 12/9 or will it be 4 different windows? We all have APs, so no tickets.
  6. Am I crazy? Maybe you shouldn’t tell me…

Thanks in advance for any ideas

I just found advice to make each resort a separate trip. But any other advice on the other questions?

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Sorry I can only help you with q5 @vroomfam. You aren’t crazy, this is a dream trip, you get to experience 4 flavors of Disney in one trip! So cool!! I hope you enjoy it and if it frightens you then I hope DVC opens up for you exactly the way you need it to. Good luck!

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Just treat each resort stay as a separate trip. You will see all of them on your dashboard and can toggle between them easily. We’ve done 3 split stays in a row so I am used to doing this.

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As far as FPs are concerned, as long as all stays are linked in MDE, then at 60 days out from your first check-in you will be able to book FPs for the whole trip.

You may hit a limit of days of FPs. If so you should phone. AP holders are supposed to have the same onsite advantage but occasionally it doesn’t work.

ADRs though will have different booking windows.

Luggage transfer is no problem. Just be aware you won’t get it until after 3pm, and could be much later. We have had bags not turn up until we chased them (once they went to the wrong resort, once they never left the first).

Rooms may not be ready until after the official check-in times. Even then, there could be further delays. So don’t bank on having a room at a certain time. You can still use the facilities of both resorts on switch days, even after officially checking out. On which note, we always do drop by the desk in and out, to make sure charging etc continue to work (we have to collect bands anyway, and we set limits on charging).

The DVC availability is very, very slim to non-existent. Any rooms that do open up will be booked by either the DVC waitlist (not the same as the broker wait list) or by DVC members “stalking” the availability. The chances through a broker are almost nil, no one is going to be stalking it for you.

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Thanks. Tried it and surprise, the touring plan dashboard is smarter than me, and knew to adjust parks selected to visit, reservation numbers, dining ADRs, and fastpasses to the correct trips. I guess I am not exactly the only one to have this issue, but I wish there was an option when setting up the trip to have the different lodgings so that it would be intuitive. Thanks!


Thanks for the detailed reply. This is as I assumed, but wanted to get feedback. I am on the “official” waitlist for DVC members, but my rep told me to call the members line anyway as they do try to bend over backwards for 1st time “Coming Home” DVC visits. But not really a worry since we will be on property anyway, and would rather cancel the wait list if there isn’t a realistic chance so I can get all reservations firmed up.

Everyone, thanks for the replies!

Oops, sorry. Totally missed the “new DVC member” and thought you were renting points!

Welcome home!

The waitlist request will end 7 days before the date IIRC. In light of this not-new-but-previously-missed info, I would say your chances are slim but not totally non-existent … :joy: