How best to start?

Hey, working on my plans for our family trip June 21-27 this year. This is our first trip with the new fp+ and using all the customizers and such. What is the best way to start? on a plan and try to get fp’s for what I want, or wait until I try to get fp’s and put them into a new touring plan? Just trying to figure out what came first, the chicken or the egg! lol Thanks for any help!

This post is a really good resource in general.

I would plan your day’s first and then try to get FP to fit your plan. Yes, you’ll need to tweak your plans once you get the actual FPs, but it’s easier to schedule the FPs if you have a clear idea of what you want. Good luck!

Also, look at this link:

personalized touring plans

It will help with how to make personalized touring plans with FP+

Edit: to fix the link now that I’m on my computer. :wink:

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As the Optimizer gives you FPP suggestions, plan first and then try to get ghe FPPs that work best with your plan. @Agent_C posted the link to my method for going about this.