How Best to get to Contemporary from Boardwalk Inn/Epcot?

We have dinner reservations at the California Grill at 5:30. From the Boardwalk Inn, will we do better if we drive our own car, or use the Monorail and switch at TTC?

Definitely better driving when going resort to resort.

If it would me, I would leave the car and take a taxi so I could drink it up! :slight_smile: But that’s me… hehe


Thanks, since hubby doesn’t drink, we’ll use the rental.

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At CG, only if you’re rich - $8 beer, $10-15 mixed drinks, wine starting at $15… :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t the preferred DIS travel be bus to MK and short walk to Contemporary from there? You could also take the resort monorail from there back to Contemporary. Not saying that’s better than driving if you already have a rental car, but it might be easier…

Yes, if using Disney transportation, this would be the best option. But even as someone who almost always uses Disney transportation between resorts and parks, I always drive if going between resorts (unless both are on the mono loop).

Where are you from @bswan26? It’s not uncommon for me to spend that around here for good quality libations. I’m in Maryland.

Driving is most definitely going to be faster.