How bad is TSM at EMH RD+50?

We’re planning on RDing EMH and hitting ST and Muppets before TSM? TP says TSM will be 10 minutes @ 8:50, but I suspect a whole lot of RD people will see a long line at SDD at just go to TSM instead. Is 10 minutes an accurate wait time or should I leave some extra margin in there?

For reference, here’s the TP. Can anyone comment on how realistic the first 5 rides will be?

We went to HS in sept at rope drop. We waited 1 hr for SDD but was surprised TSM was 10 min wait. I thought we should do TSM first then do SDD but the line was growing so we did SDD. The wait at TSM didnt really get long until after first 90 min of opening and even then 30 min wait (note low park crowd day)

According to Disney’s site, Muppets don’t open until 10:00 that day.

Also, I’m curious how you can have FPP with overlapping windows - 11:25 RnR and 11:55 ToT - unless you have them for half your group at a time.

Yeah. Grandparents aren’t planning on riding either RnRC or ToT so we’re “borrowing” their FPP’s.

Oh, sadness.

I don’t know if you would be open to rope dropping TSM and Alien Swirling Saucers and then doing star tours and something else before your SDD FPP. I just know I recently watched TPs video on the difference being in the first wave of RD compared to 15minute later increments. For a high demand park area like Toy Story, I think it would be good to head right there and get some short waits for Alien SS and TSM (maybe even SDD) even though it will increase your walking back and forth between TS Land and Star Tours area if you need to head back to TS Land. But Star Tours will always (I would think) have shorter wait times than any of the TS Land rides. This may be way off the wall, but just a thought.

That’s kind of what I’m deciding between. My mom has a hard time walking, so I’m trying to minimize walking distance, so if there’s anyway to get, say, 1 ST, 1 AS2, and 1 TSM and some Woody’s lunchbox snacks before the SDD FP time, without backtracking, I’d love to. But if I have to double back, I may just skip AS2 (we go to DLR every couple years and have done Mater’s a bunch).