How bad is a crowd level 9 with Express Pass?

I’m traveling to Orlando in July for a family wedding st WDW with DH, DS7 and DD5. I’m not sure we’ll be back anytime soon so I want to do all the parks at WDW and US. For US, I’m planning on staying at a premier property that includes Express passes. I’m trying to pick our dates based on the crowd calendars for WDW and US and it all looks bad. My question is how bad is a CL 9 at US with Express passes? I’m planning on three nights with two full days at US. Should I prioritize getting the best predicted crowds for WDW since I won’t have the advantage of the Express pass? Wedding is July 10th and all guests are going to MK on the 11th.

I would prioritize your WDW days as even on a CL 9, US will be a much easier situation as long as you have EP. Honestly, I find US to be a much more relaxed vacation (and I’m a huge WDW fan) as long as you have EP. I would recommend putting US at the end of your trip so you’ll be ready to slow down a little by that point. Save the busy and exhausting days at WDW for the beginning of the trip.


Crowds are lower overall at Universal - a CL9 would be more like a CL7 at WDW. Plus with a few exceptions, Express Pass waits are really short. Shorter than FP lines I would say.


Thanks for the quick responses!

I think that’s good advice. We started with Universal, which eased us into it and also allowed us to be there for the Galaxy’s Edge opening, but saving Universal for the end makes a lot of sense.

Our highest crowd level at Universal was only a 7, but with Express Pass it felt way easier than any of the days at WDW, where we had some 1 crowd level days.


We just did US with express passes and it was wonderful. Very little waits. And we were at the start of Thanksgiving week. The longest wait I had was for Hogwarts Express going from US to IOA. But, to be fair, we didn’t even come close to doing all the rides so I can’t speak for all of them.

We did spring break/Easter with express pass 2 years ago. Arrived at/just past open ing and had no issues. We would breeze through rides then hit massive crowds in walkways - had to remind ourselves that it was a peak time.

HP areas get jammed. Go early or late.

Use your Liner knowledge and you will be fine.

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we went 2017 at Christmas with express pass. longest wait Gringotts and FJ with 30 minutes. We did arrive at RD and left around 2 and came back at night for additional rides. We did spells with early entry but not the Harry Potter rides as there is no express for them with early entry so the lines were longer than when the park opened for real. you will have no problem with the lines with express pass

There is Express now for the HP rides except for the new Hagrids.

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Right there was when we went too. Sorry if it sounds confusing. There is no express for HP rides during EE when we were there we Christmas. EP lines opened with regular park opening time. So the line at EE was longer than the EP line once it opened. Does that make sense?

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Oh I see what you’re saying. Yes, it’s true the express passes didn’t work with early entry during our visit either.