How awful is a crowd rating of 9 or 10?

Half of our Christmas trip has a crowd level of 9 or 10. Does that mean we will barely be able to walk? I love to plan, so I know we will make the best of whatever we have. Still, do any of you have fun on 9 and 10 days?

Never been in a Christmas 9 or 10, but have been many times in the summer during a 9 or 10. Rope drop is a must. Take a midday break, and go back later in the evening. Crowds really start to clear out, especially after night time shows and parades. And yes, it will be crowded, but a good TP will keep you 3 steps ahead. Never waited over 20 minutes for anything during a 9 or 10 during summertime.

I’ve done Christmas 9 and 10 crowds and I’m not going to lie, it was hard to walk at times. HOWEVER, we did everything we wanted to do plus more! I can’t wait for another Christmas trip!!

  1. RD more important than ever before. I also noticed that those early mornings the days after Christmas were EMPTY. Like crazy empty…for a couple of hours. They are early mornings and it was cold but it was great.
  2. Have a plan with some wiggle room and tier your must dos. I do three tiers, 1. Must do multiple times, 2. Must do once, and 3. If we have time. Schedule only tier 1 and 2 and worry about 3 if possible. This helps with expectations too!
  3. The only crowds we dealt with truly were getting from one place to another. Usualy leaving the place where they were just showing up. With our plan we didn’t wait for more than 20 minutes for anything, except the buses.
  4. Eat at odd times. 11 lunch or after 2 lunch. This is a common suggestion but no joke for this time of year.

Christmas is AMAZING at Disney. Have a wonderful time.

@1pm you won’t be able to see the ground when putting your feet down to walk on a 10 day at MK. It was wall to wall. Follow ^^^^^advice.

I’ve been in a summer 9 and it’s not that bad, but at Christmas I presume there will be a lot of people there for the atmosphere and much higher crowds than summer. RD will be early and is a must!

Wow, it looks like I’ll have to plan all our days! Thank you for your replies! We usually have planned “free days” mixed in, but this trip probably won’t allow those. I’m a bit worried, but I will follow the plans and make the best of it. We may also cut it short so we are gone by Christmas.

No need to worry!! Like I said, it was an AMAZING trip that I can’t wait to do again!! I wouldn’t cut the trip short either. The days after Christmas were the BEST mornings at RD!