How accurate are wait times? Do they consider crowd levels?

I created a plan for the week after Christmas, which according to everything I’ve seen has the highest possible crowd levels. The plans that I came up with have very low wait times for all most all attractions (especially in the morning), with the exception of a few. I was wondering if the plans are taking into account the expected very high crowd levels for those days. Should I trust that I can do Mad Tea Party, Winnie Pooh, Peter Pan, Small World, Haunted Mansion, Barn Stormer, Dumbo, Meet Donald and Goofy, Mermaid, Carrousel, Lunch and 7 Dwarfs before noon?
I am trying to minimize walking and with fast pass reservations set up for other parts of park after noon I don’t want to be walking back and forth.

Most of those are low wait attractions with the exceptions of Peter Pan and 7D which I’m guessing are first on your plan? How high is the crowd level for your day? And, TPs have been pretty accurate for us w/ some exceptions. If TP has the crowd levels too low, your advanced plans can be off although they can move toward being more accurate on the day of your plan as wait times are submitted by in park users; re-optimizing every few attractions will help you capture that.

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If you’re arriving at park , then I think those sets of attractions are easily doable. Post a link to your plan, however, if you’d like one of us to take a look at exactly what’s going on.