How Accurate Are Predicted Park Hours from Touring Plans?

We’re going to be at WDW in early October. Right now, Magic Kingdom doesn’t have any Extra Magic Hours in the morning on Thursdays, nor do they throughout summer. However, Touring Plans has them to be predicted on Thursday, October 8. I will note that that IS a night when the park closes early for MNSSHP so I am wondering if that’s why they MIGHT have Extra Magic Hours that morning. It really impacts our decision to visit which park on which days.


It often changes a lot. The best tool I found was the historical park hours, which you also get from TP. That gives you an idea of what they actually did the last several years. In my case for Thanksgiving week the hrs changed a lot and even at the last moment.

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They are accurate but can change at any time unfortunately.

They are accurate to what it has been historically or what is officially announced. They don’t really predict the hours, they report them. Once they are released, they update them as disney does.

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Here is an old post of mine on park hours - everything in it is still valid I believe.

I don’t really care about adr’s at 180. I can see how others would, if they needed CRT or the other few hard to get ressies, but for our group, ADR’s just don’t matter anywhere near the same ballpark as FP’s at 60+, and we’ve been able to get any adr we wanted after park days, and fp’s and itineraries are set in stone. The food’s just not worth the extra stress. I still like a char meal or two for an adr to hunt for, but the food at wallyworld, imo, is more about managing damage control, than having great meals, when you factor in the prices.

In Oct, you’ll have the Halloween party to deal with which could throw a wrench in predictions, but I would suggest finding the past few years of historical hours for the days of the week of your stay, and also cross reference with the actual park hours of the 2 months previous to fp day, and come up with an educated guess of how it will unfold. I try to go in a little sweet spot in between halloween, bird day, and Jersey week, and I have successfully predicted all of the emh patterns, and park hours of our stays - It’s not hard during a non holiday time, but, of course, Wally can change hours at any given minute. Good Luck!