Housekeeping tip?

Do you tip house keeping? What’s the protocol here? We’ll be in a Coronado Springs standard room for 6 days.

We do a dollar a day per person in the room, ($3). Many do $5 per day.

In an envelope marked “For Housekeeping”. Some do elaborate envelopes… we just let DD doodle sweet pictures on it.

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I tip $2 a day per person, leaving it daily, just on the pillow. The downside of the envelopes decorated by kids is that Mousekeeping may mistake them for just artwork. So, if you use them, leave them on the pillow and not on the nightstand.

This TP Blog post covers all aspects of tipping at WDW -

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We don’t like daily housekeeping so we leave a bigger tip for the lucky one that cleans up after us when we check out.

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My family usually does $1/day/person. So, $4 if we all go together. Traveling solo, my plan is $3/day.

So anywhere from 4-5 bucks a day for a family of 4. Thanks a bunch for the replies!

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We’re staying on rented DVC points and I think we only get Mousekeeping on Day 4 of a 7-day stay. What would you tip for that?

We are going next week with a family of 5 and I planned on tipping $5 a day.

DVC is always tough. With a 7-night stay at DVC you will be getting Trash and Towel service on Day 4, so maybe leave a few bucks then and then a “2-day” tip when you leave. Lets see what others think…

We usually tip at least $5 per night at any hotel but will tip extra if they go above and beyond the regular housekeeping duties. In Disney when they leave towel animals and/or move our childrens stuffed animals around the room in different poses we leave a few dollars more (usally $8 which works out to be $2 pp). Tipping should be done daily as the mousekeepers may change daily and to make sure the right people are getting tipped for their work. Have a magical trip!!!

When I’ve stayed on points I tip $5 for trash & towel service on that day only and another $5 on checkout. But I do also tip $2 to the person that brings me extra towels or blankets or whatever if I call & ask.

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Definitely make sure your tip is obvious. We used preprinted cute envelopes that said “For Mousekeeping” and left an envelope on the night stand. I thought that was pretty obvious, but I was wrong. At least twice, it didn’t get picked up. I started pulling the money part way out so they could see there was cash in the envelope and then they started to pick it up. I just felt cruddy when they didn’t get their tips because they didn’t realize it was for them.