Housekeeping Questions

We are staying in a 1 BR Villa for our upcoming trip, as we have many times. I am a little confused about what will be missing from the villa that is usually there. I’ve read through the WDW information several times. Will there still be a coffee maker, dishware, glasses, utensils, cutlery, etc.? Or is everything in the villa going to be paper products (one-time use disposable) items? Maybe I didn’t find the right information, but I am looking at this page on the WDW website:

All the dishes, coffee maker, toaster, etc will be there as normal.
As far as housekeeping goes, are you staying on points? Because the only difference on points is that they aren’t changing linens during your stay. My experience staying on lungs had been that the daily trash service has been hit or miss. At the Poly in March some days they did it and some days they didn’t.

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Thanks for the info! No, not using points. Given that trash and towel service is supposed to be only every other day, (I have not seen a price reduction for this :frowning:), I hope there is a convenient place where we can empty the trash and pick up clean towels, if necessary.

Yeah noones getting price reductions.
If you reserved it through Disney for cash, you’ll get the same housekeeping a regular room does - every other day trash removal and towel replenishing. DVC housekeeping rules only sing when you rent points or use your own points.
You can leave excess trash outside your door. Since you’ll have a 1 bedroom, you can wash your towels yourself or call housekeeping to bring you more

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We stayed at Beach club villas a few weeks ago, not on points. They did not clean everyday but they still knocked on our door every day and asked if the trash needed to be emptied or we needed new towels. A few times when we werent in the room they just dropped extra towels and took our trash. There was a place to empty trash and recycle bins if we needed to. Not sure if that is the same for all DVCs but would assume so.


Thank you!