Housekeeping Gift Card?

I have heard that if you opt out of housekeeping at check in to your Disney Resort you can get an emailed gift card for not using the housekeeping service, is this correct? As I am not very computer savvy, how does one use a emailed gift card? Thank for the help!

You do get an email with a picture of the gift card and the scan code to use it. I was able to use it while on my trip by just pulling up the email (I also took a screenshot prior to heading out to the park that day in case service was glitchy) and at the register I tell them I have a gift card and they scan the code in the email.

some of the smaller registers that doesn’t have a scanner won’t take it but I only experienced one place like that at GE and the CM directed me to the store around the corner to be able to use it.

This gift card for declining housekeeping does not happen at deluxes, it is just for values and moderates. I believe there is a minimum stay - no one night stays.

That’s right, it has to be at least 2 nights because they have to clean your room when you leave.

It’s $10 per night except the last night, so $60 for a 7 night stay.

Is there any way to use the email gift card for mobile ordering? Can you mobile order, have it charged to your room, then pay off in the resort with the email gift card? Or is mobile order strictly credit card that is connected to the magic band?

Mobile order does not go to the hotel for payment, it just used your cc on file.

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Is there a maximum of nights you get the $10? We are staying at All star movies for 9 nights, so we would get $80?

Do you know why “no” at the deluxe? I am actually staying on site at deluxe later this year.

No, I don’t know any official reason why it’s not for stays at a deluxe. I’ve seen speculation that they want to keep deluxe rooms looking and feeling more deluxe, or that it’s targeted where it’d be more effective as an incentive.

Per Disney’s site,, they show examples of it for stays as long as 10 nights. I saw no limit.

Yes. There’s no limit that I’m aware of. We turned it down but could have done it for our 14 night stay.

Yep you will. We are staying ten nights and getting 90.00

Thanks everyone. You guys have great info that is shared here, once I break all the codes LOL :rofl:. Hopefully by the time we go I will speak fluent Disney.