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Since my first WDW trip in 1974, I have stayed on the grounds and for the first time, family members are thinking about renting a house. My son, wife and 2 girls (will be 9 and 7) are going for the first time in years and this will be the girls’ first trip. I am a big supporter of staying on - site but understand their thinking as well. They hope to stay in the area for 10 days and take in the ocean etc. I have suggested splitting the trip between On Site and The House. I would like some of your general thoughts, pros and cons and I will share with my son…he is the planner. Although my lovely DIL is an organizer, she thinks planning for a year is something that would drive her nuts. What’s wrong with her??? Anyway, please share some of your general thoughts and I will try to butt out of this so they can do their own thing. I even offered to pay my own way, stay 30 yards behind them at all times and just “organize things” from afar. BAWAHAHAH You can imagine the reaction to THAT!!! Anyway, thanks in advance for a few thoughts to share with son.

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Offsite advantage: much less money for more space.

Not an advantage in my book but folks love:
Laundry and cooking facilities - if it’s there you’ll end up washing and feeding and You’re On Vacation, so that’s a NO for me, but maybe they’re less lazy.

Onsite advantage: everything else.

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We have been 6 times to Dosney, a couple times before kids and 4 with little ones. We are planning our trip for Sept this year, it’s been 7 years since we went. We have always stayed in a offside place and always had a hotel with a suite style room, so full size fridge and a few burners to cook breakfast and pack lunches. This year we are staying at Windsor Hills condo, it’s our first time. We rented a 3 bedroom condo with full kitchen and washer and dryer, which will be helpful since we usually just take carry on to avoid time wasted waiting for luggage and possible lost luggage issues. We have heard great things, hopefully we love it too. It’s 79.00 a night and minutes from the World. 23 days and we will let you know.


We did a split stay last October; 2 days onsite, 7 days off. I love Disney, but honestly, I enjoyed staying offsite better. We stayed at Mystic Dunes Resort (which is right down the street from Windsor Hills @trishamo3!). It took us ~5 minutes to get to AK, DHS, and EP; 10 min to MK. We were traveling with a 5 y/o, so it was great to have a full kitchen and laundry! It was also less crowed than the onsite resorts, and gave us a sort of quiet escape, if you will, from the craziness that can be The World. On the downside, the atmosphere at the Condo was decidedly not Disney, you must pay to park at any of the parks, and you are not afforded the luxury of Disney transportation (this was not an issue for us…I drove my car even when staying onsite…its a control thing lol!). That being said, some of the resorts outside of The World do offer shuttles to the parks; if that is important to your family it might be something to look into.

Kids that age you need their own room if going for more than a weekend for everyone’s sanity. Everyone needs breathing space 4 in one hotel room does not work for any length of time. Love villas Kids can watch tv in their room and chill out and or use games room or pool, while mum and dad chill with a glass of wine.We can all have different bed times and 2 or more bathrooms is a must.

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Good points Mumc.

Like the split idea. Thanks Beth!

Appreciate the condo info.

I listen to a podcast called WDW Today where they advertise for a place called All Star Vacation Homes. They sound nice, you may want to check them out.

Agree with others, a house sounds like an awesome plan for you. I love being in the bubble, but we’ve also rented a house once before and had a fantastic time, especially for a longer trip. We had a house in Windsor Hills with 4 BR, 4 BR, full kitchen, laundry, playroom, backyard pool with lanai, playground nearby, and it was pure magic. Many of the rental houses have been lovingly decorated with Disney themes, also, which makes them very special for kids.
May want to consider a single night “on site”, e.g. a LM room at AoA, just for a fun getaway and to enjoy the resort, also.

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Will check out the info. Thanks so much!