Hours reduced for March?

The past few days I have received notifications from TP that the park hours for my planned trip in March (7-14) have been reduced with MK closing at either 8 or 9, EP closing at 9, AK closing at 8 and HS closing at 8:30. Crowd levels are still predicted at 8 or above. I don’t see on Disney’s website where they have officially updated their calendar yet for the days I will be there, so I wonder why TP has? Is it normal for WDW to cut back their hours in March?

All of those were the closing times we had Spring Break 2017 in March.

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Looks like normal closing times to me except on extra magic hours. Coarse in the summer month they are stay open later.


They have stopped staying open late in order to upsell DAH (Disney After Hours). It’s unfortunate, IMO. It’s also why there is no more evening EMH.

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Which part of March? Spring break is in there and in the past they’ve stayed open later during those weeks.

March 7-14, our spring break. I’m wondering if a lot of other schools have a later spring break. There is still a lot of availability in most resorts that week (except ASmovies…)

Yeah, ours is the next week, this year. It has been your week for several years, but it changed in 2020. I guess the days just aligned that way.