Hours on TP earlier than WDW site?

I’m going to WDW the first 2 weeks of December, and in theory, the hours should be available starting next week, which is when my ADR day is.

But, I’ve been getting tracker update emails all week, and the hours changed on the tracker from gray to black, as if they were official hours, but these dates have not been posted on the WDW website.

Also, the Saturday hours changed drastically, with MK’s going from 8am-12am to 9am-9pm. Any ideas on what’s going on?

Operating hours tend to change regularly, based on projected attendance. I’ve had the hours go both up & down less than three weeks before my departure. These, probably, are the last changes to the schedule - especially with SWGE still an unknown to WDW Ops.

These will likely be the hours Disney release now. They may well be back to 8am-midnight by the time of your trip. That’s what TP think, which is why they have been predicting them, but now they are aware that Disney are not announcing those hours right now, hence the change.

But the hours are not posted on the WDW site at all - they’re not out of November on the WDW site, so where is TP getting these?

If they’re not official, though, why are they in black on the tracker like they are?

Disney do release their hours early - the TA calendar used to be publically available. You can also get the hours early on Kenny the Pirate’s site.

where are they finding them then, if not on the official WDW site? I can’t get past November.

Kenny has an inside source, TP might have too. But Disney themselves gave and possibly still give their hours in advance to TAs.

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