# Hours needed for BB

If we hit BLizzard Beach at open and go on all slides, not including toddler or teen areas, pool, or lazy river… How many hours should I allocate?

BB opens at 9am and we would like to do an activity only offered on this day between 1:30-3:30PM. I still have time to re-arrange everything to do this activity.

If you’re there by RD to get the slides with longer times while still quiet, you should be fine with 2.5 hours.
You’ll end up doing:

  1. Runoff Rapids (3 different slides - for sure do all of them)
  2. Downhill Double Dipper - long line for a boring ride, so only once, if even
  3. Slush Gusher and Summit Plummet - very short thrill drops (Long line - do these first)
  4. Snow Stormers (ride on your stomach mats down curvy course)
  5. Toboggan Racers (straight “race” on a toboggan)
  6. Teamboat Springs family raft ride

Great! Thank you mossmacl.