Hours changes -- implications for crowd levels?


We are very much looking forward to our trip in October (10-19, to be exact). I have done a ton of planning and am super excited about my crazy personalized touring plan mania. I noticed that the hours have been extended for many of the parks that week. For instance, MK was originally open until 10 the first Saturday. It's now open to 1AM, with EMH from 1-3. Other similar changes have been made across that week. It makes me wonder whether crowds are going to be bigger than predicted. Anyone have any input on that? We have great ADRs, we have a totally do-able touring plan with plenty of flexibility for the three generations that are going (from almost 2 to 71), but I guess I'm just curious if anyone has any insight on what this means.


We're re-running the forecasts now with the new hours, and you should see new predictions by the end of the week. smile


Think it's a safe bet that the crowds will be lower later in the day. Families seem to disappear esp after Wishes so those added few late hours should be fun and would be a must for me.

On the flip side, betting WDW extended the hours as they are expecting higher crowds (maybe higher ticket sales, room resies, FPP resies, etc) and maybe they want to both accomidate and spread the crowds . So, guessing the overall all crowd levels will go up. We'll see what Len says