Hours changed again - Electrical Parade

Planning a September trip. Will be in MK on 9/17. Hours changed from 9-9 to 8-12. Of course I was ecstatic. Today I was able to snag an 8:35 reservation to BOG for dinner. So pumped. Figured I could still see Electrical Parade at 11 instead of 9. Came to check out my touring plan and make changes and noticed that the MK times for 9/17 changed…again to 8-11. :frowning: SO… are they still planning on doing 2 electrical parades (9 and 11) even though they are closing at 11? The Disney site still says yes but honestly don’t know that I can trust that. Afraid it will change. Only going to be in MK one other day for MNSSHP so no EP that night. Both BOG and EP are important to us so if anyone has anyone scoop or knows why they changed hours again, please let me know :slight_smile:

Not sure what’s going on with the hours. I feel like things are in flux right now, so it’s not following the “norm.” Typically it would surprise me for WDW to reduce the number of parade showings once they’ve already announced there would be two, esp with the parade leaving, but who knows? I also know that they will frequently schedule some shows (like Fantasmic or illuminations) right at closing time, so it’s not unprecedented to have something starting at closing time. If it were me, I would keep looking for an alternate BoG time just in case and wait until closer to your trip, like the week before (and you can cancel dining reservations up until midnight the night before) to make any final decisions.

Check the schedule since sometimes the parade is scheduled at 11:00 even if that is park closing time.