Hours change- optimize or evaluate?

Hi! Assuming park hours change for my upcoming trip in June '16. When I change the hours in my TPs to reflect the change, do I then Optimize my plan or Evaluate? Just want to make sure all of my hard work getting them “just so” doesn’t get thrown out the window. :slight_smile:

I would make a copy of the plan. Then optimize one and evaluate the other one. It’s also useful to have 2 copies when you’re in the parks and actually using the plan. You can keep one the way YOU set it, and optimize the other one to see if the software can improve things in real-time.


Perfect response and exactly what I would do! I like playing “Beat the Optimizer”

Also, I cry and bang my head on the dining room table or desk any time I do Optimize a Plan I’ve been tweaking just so with Evaluate. So do as @SallyEppcot says and you’ll be well on your way!


Thanks, @SallyEppcot! And, @lolabear_la…I am all too familiar with the head banging when trying to get it all right with my TPs! Ha! I wish there was an “undo” button or something for when I mess it all up with one move!


Oh do I ever wish that one day there could be such a feature.

Whatever you do - keep in mind OPTIMIZE will likely reorder your steps, so if you customized the steps, and want to keep it that way, stay away from this button!