Hours being added late April-early May

I’ve noticed that WDW is adding hours to several of their parks in the late April to early May time period. Is that because WDW is expecting larger crowds during this time? Will Touring Plans be adjusting their crowd levels estimates during that same time?

Generally park hours are updated for the next full month on the 15(ish) of the previous month.
TP will update soon. I’m waiting for May 15th for them to update for my June trip. Here’s to closings later than 9:30!

I wanted to see the kids goodnight but now the closing will be long after we leave. :frowning:
Very sad!!!

Remember if park hours are being extended, they will be releasing more FPs.

If you’re still wanting FoP, 7dmt etc, now 's your chance. But you need to be quick off the mark!

And to get FoP, you’ll have to modify Navii RJ (if you have one).

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