Hourly Predictions!

I just stumbled on the crowd calendar that shows hourly predictions. It seems new, it is new for me. I will definitely be using the for the park hopping plans we will use this August. For instance, what three hours over my seven days will be best for the limited HS park attractions. So excited to have found this upgrade. I bookmarked it and took screen shots just in case I can’t find it again. : o ).


Keep in mind that those do update nightly (I believe). What you got a screen shot of today may no longer be accurate in August, as the predictions for that day may change.

I am only seeing this detail on my iPad mini. Where is this in windows?

Has anyone seen the image above? I sent my windows based PC the web link from my Apple iPad mini, but it open to the crowd calendar with a number for each park with the lowest resolution of the whole day, instead of this hourly prediction.

And if anyone is reading that the crowd calendar is updated daily or weekly - I am monitoring this and in two weeks, nothing has changed to any wait time on any of the personal touring plans. In contradiction to my actual experience, I did however find this text at the bottom of the windows based PC crowd calendar web page:

"The Crowd Calendar Is Based On Wait Times

Our Unofficial Guide researchers have collected wait times in Walt Disney World for over a decade. Thanks to our mobile app, we get hundreds of wait times daily from our fabulous users. With this dataset our statisticians update the calendar every week."

@len @fred - How do I find the hourly prediction on the PC? How often are the days crowd level updated semi-annually (Dec and May?) or weekly (what day)?

@IMMommyDearest - it’s actually a test we’re running on the mobile/tablet WDW crowd calendar page. We’re trying to see if it spurs people to subscribe to the site. Since it’s a test, it’s completely random as to who gets to see it.

The crowd levels are updated roughly 2x per month, including the hourly predictions.


I love it! Can I vote to make it permanent?

I just ran evaluate on all my plans again, and I did see a two minute change in one line wait - in my favor - Woo Hoo!

@len - thank you for the frequency knowledge and the beta test information!


I re-optimized all of my personal plans and there was not one minute change on any. I’ll check again after the start of August and update for anyone that is watching for results of this experiment.