Hourly Crowd Diagram

I feel like I’m losing it. Isn’t there a crowd calendar that shows time of day crowds in each park? It’s got red/yellow/green boxes? I cannot find it.

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I think OP is referencing the heat maps which we recently determined is only viewable on the mobile version of the crowd calendar?

Ah! That must be it. Thank you!

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LMK if that’s not it and we’ll keep trying to help find The Thing.

That’s it! Would love those to be viewable on desktop, but it makes total sense why I couldn’t find it.

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I guess I also have never understood why we can’t see that on the desktop version. It’s a great visual

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How is that different than this?

That is it. The point is I was looking on a laptop and it’s only available in the mobile app. So I wasn’t finding it.

Ok, it is what I see when I go to the link I posted. I access the forum on my iPad.

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Ya, that’s not what that links goes to on desktop browser.