Hour btw park close and After Hours event

We are doing an After Hours event in one month. Reg MK park hours say close is 8pm. After Hours starts at 9pm but says we can enter at 7pm. What happens during that one hour btw 8pm when park closes but we have been admitted for event, and start of event at 9pm?

What date is this? Preliminary hours for the theme parks are posted 6 months out, but extended closer to the date.

I think the 8 pm MK regular closing may be extended to a 9 pm closing.

This happens with the parties (Halloween and Christmas) also. Park closing time, those without bands for the event can no longer enter ride queues and start to be shooed out. Those already in line get to finish up. If you have your special event wrist band you are good to enter rides during that hour, although the special event adds do not start until the event start time.


I was wondering the same thing as we are doing DAH at MK in one month. Park closes at 9:00 but after hours starts at 10:00…

That’s precisely what happened with us this past Monday. Our MK date was originally an 8 p.m. close with After Hours scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. Park closing was later extended to 9 and After Hours started at 9 and ran until 12 p.m. After Hours at MK was fantastic!

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This for Villains on Friday March 6, so one month out. I figured they would have adjusted MK from 8pm to 9pm close by now but perhaps it’s still coming. But I would love what is essentially an extra hour!

Feb. 3 change from 8 pm close to 9 pm close was announced on Jan. 10, so it definitely could still be coming.