Hotwire to MDE

Looks like some really good deals on Hotwire for Pop Century. When you book via a third party, is it easy to add the booking to MDE? Any problems getting tickets or reservations?

I don’t have experience with Hotwire, but i have used third party booking engines and its usually pretty easy to link up to MDE.
The only thing i will say though is that if something happens you are forced to deal with the third party booker, not Disney.
As an example, i booked a room at AKL for November through a third party. AKL isn’t opening. Most people who booked through Disney just called and got switched. I could not, bc of the third party. I had to play the game of call the third party, who told me to call Disney, who told me to call the third party, who told me to call Disney, who finally told me that they would move me when they got to third party reservations. It took 3 months to get it fixed.
Granted i did get a sweet upgrade (I think it was bc i was persistent about calling) but it was totally a pain in the butt.
I don’t think i’ll use a third party booking engine again. YMMV.