Hotwire: Extending Your Deal

What? Another blog post?

Getting them in before our trip! Here’s a tip on extending the dates on an already booked Hotwire reservation - at the same hidden deal price you already paid!

Betting at least some people here knew you could do that, but just in case…


Good stuff @JJT! As always.

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So if I book one of the hidden deals, I can use this to add a night that is not available at the low rate?

I’m going 8/13-8/16, but I can only get yacht club to show up starting 8/14. Using the add a night, I could add 8/13 at the discounted rate?


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Yes, you can - IF Hotwire thinks there are rooms available.

No one can guarantee what HW is going to do all the time, but when I first booked my Coronado days a few weeks ago I could not book anything outside of the 5 day window I found.

After I booked I could have added the 3 days on either side of my reservation.

Will that happen every time? Dunno. But, the tactic could help if you’re options are limited and you are flexible - good luck!


In case it helps you with a decision, I’ve heard from two people over the last day who tried adding on different dates, but they couldn’t.

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