Hotels for Couples

What are the best hotels for couples in each price category and why?

Value- Pop century because it is the most 2nd newest value resort; Art would be the newest but the walk to the non-suite rooms is too long for my taste and I felt that we didn't use the pool and food court as much as we did at Pop
Moderate: Never stayed but I head that Port Orlean French Quarters is quiet and beautiful and not nearly as big as the other moderates.
Deluxe: All of them are perfect couples resort. Pick one based on which park you want to stay close to or which theme you prefer or what restaurant you want to try.

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DH and I stayed at CSR for a couples only weekend. It's a great resort, very pretty at night. We had great bus service. All of the deluxes are good and we have no experience with values. Stayed at POR with the kids and I don't think I'd select that for a couples trip...pool is brimming with kids!

If I had to pick a deluxe, I'd go for AKL for it's price, savannah view, and restaurants. I think it's our favorite.

Value.. really none. To me Values are a crash and go to park kind of place. Its always so noisy with tons of kids running around crazy.

Moderate - Port Orleans Riverside, it has wonderful grounds to go out for walks, you can grab a horse carriage ride, rent surrey bikes and there are many pools to go to and I am sure you can find one thats virtually empty. Food there is pretty good, and I like the lounge (more when Yeehaa Bob is NOT playing, he is very loud and when he is performing pretty much the whole lobby can hear it.)

Deluxe - AKL is awesome! animals to watch on the Savannah, we've bought a bottle of wine at the lobby store and sat out on the deck overlooking the Savannah drinking it. After that pretty much any Deluxe is ideal.. I would say the worst is WL because its usually very packed and noisy.

I thought CSR was kind of romantic to walk around at night with the lighting, lake and music. For a Deluxe my pick is Yacht Club because the theming is more adult and probably the least attractive for young kids, and of course for its location to walk to Epcot and Boardwalk restaurants (and the Swan/Dolphin too)