Hotel switch day and HDDR

We are doing a split stay, switching from Swan to ASMo. Our switch day is a Sunday and we’re scheduled to be at TL most of the day as sort of a down day. We’ll have a car.

Thinking we’ll check out of Swan in the morning - leave our stuff in the car (or take it over to ASMo or let the bell boys deal with taking it to ASMo?) and then go to TL - until maybe around 3ish shower/change there at their locker rooms, if we haven’t gotten a room ready text by then.

We have HDDR that night, 6:15 show. I have heard you have to really allow time to get there.

If we have our room we would probably do the showering/chaging etc at ASMo then take bus from ASMo to MK then take boat to Fort Wilderness
If we don’t have room ready would you still dump car at ASMo then bus to Mk/boat to FW…? Then no driving back after drinks…

Or i guess we could park at FW but then I read you have to navigate internal busses there…

thoughts? This day seems sort of complicated in my plan :frowning:

I’d drive my own car to Fort Wilderness - it’s going to be your fastest option. You still have to take the internal bus system to the hall where HDDR. By the time you take that back you should be fine to drive even after a couple of drinks to work it’s way out of your system. But guess it depends on your tolerance and how much you really plan to drink.

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Just park there. The internal bus is not hard to navigate. It will take a bajillion years to go by bus from resort to mk and then boat to fw.

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I’m in the camp of bus to Mk and boat.

Part of the cost of HDDR is the drinks included. Fair enough if there is someone who doesn’t drink, who is happy to drive. Otherwise, enjoy yourselves without worrying.

Now I may be over-thinking this. Here in Scotland we have a zero drink and drive law. The drink drive limit is pretty much zero, certainly maximum 2 units (I don’t drive so not totally sure). So even a pint at dinner would be a no-no.

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Yes. If drinking then it would be necessary to use Disney transport. Mh dh doesn’t drink often and is usually our DD

How about Minnie van (if both adults want to imbibe)? Some extra expense but potentially big time saver.

Disclaimer: I’ve never used the Minnie vans


And minnie vans can drive you right to pioneer hall

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