Hotel room requests

AKL CL, if you have one room request, what would it be? Or would you just not put one in. We have a standard CL room so already have a savanna view.

We have stayed club at AKL no less than 8 times. NEAR THE LOBBY!!! You will have an arusha view, meaning the center savanna which is beautiful. Being near the lobby brings you closer to center and the main arusha rock. It also brings you closer to the elevators you will take to the 6th floor where the lounge is. Your room faces off the front of the lodge and the lounge is on the back over looking the lobby.

If you request near elevator yo could be sent waaaaaay down the hall and further from both the lobby and the lounge. The hallways are quiet so sound has not been an issue for us.

Asking for a lower or upper floor or 4th / 5th makes no difference. We do bring binoculars to see the animals further out and because it adds to the fun.

Make only one request and I vote that it's near the lobby.