Hotel room finder?

How often do the maps/categories/beds get updated in the Hotel Finder feature?

For example Disney has recently added Pool/Marina view to Polynesian, but that isn’t on the Room Finder yet.

I’m not sure how often they update.

Our room for our April 2017 trip is still listed as 2 Queens. It has a bunk and a queen. I put a note in. I imagine they will update eventually.

In my fax, I always state what bed configuration I am interested in, and if it is a priority I stress it. We have girl/boy kids who are too old to share beds and we don’t want to sleep with them either so bunks are a high priority for us. I put in a block of rooms I am interested in and then state that bunks are our top priority so any room within that block that has bunks would be preferred over a room that has another bed configuration.

I’m hoping the Copper Creek floor layouts will be available soon as well. :slight_smile:

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