Hotel Reservations Opening

Is there an option to see if a disney world hotel opens up during specific dates …much like you have with dining reservations for a particular day? I am on my disney experience and the hotels that I want are completely booked. I was just curious if there is a way to be notified if a room opens up. Thank you.

I believe they open up for reservations 499 days in advance? What resort are you hoping for and when are you looking to travel? Obviously some fill up faster than others and some times of year are more popular than others - but we have always gotten into the resort we wanted 7-11 months in advance (but we have also always rented DVC points).

Hi! We have reservations but changed our mind as far as which resort we want to stay at. And it’s in a couple of months + over a holiday. I just thought maybe touring plans did the something similar (as they do with dining) when something opens up, you can be notified…instead of having to check the site every hour.

Thank you