Hotel Reservation Search Options

Is there any where you can go and do a hotel search and see what hotels are available over an extended period of time in Disney World? I am tired of using disney’s site and changing dates to try and find a room. I would love to see a calendar of rooms available and prices like other hotel sites have but not sure if there is anything relatable for Disney Hotels.


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Boy, I’d like to know if there’s a trick to this too. However, when I’ve been on the phone w/ them the CM requires dates too so, I’m not hopeful. Thankfully I can see availability on the DVC website, I’d love the same access for regular rooms too.

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For availability, no

But for day by day pricing (within a given month), yes

Enter your dates, travel party and, if applicable, resort. I have just searched for a totally random set of dates for one traveler and I want to see all of the resorts that are open. Here is a screen grab of some of my results:

Click on your hotel of choice. I’ve chosen Pop.

Under the price, you’ll see a hyperlink that says “Rate Details.” Be wild and crazy and give that a click.

Normally that opens up a calendar that will show you the cost of the selected room day by day for the month in question (in this case, July). But since I’m wanting to show you, it’s being a jerk and I’m getting Donald telling me the server is unavailable.

I’ll try to remember to try it again later and come back to update

Home: OK it’s behaving this morning. Clicking on “Rate Details” brings this up first:

Click on “View Rate Calendar” and you get this (actually two months at a time with arrows to move between months - this might be an update!)

In this way you can see the rates day by day. It doesn’t help with your availability question but there is no way to see that.

Hope this helps some!


WDW allows some rooms to be available for certain lengths of time.

For example if you’d only want to stay a couple of nights, Disney may not have availability. But if you stay whole week, that particular hotel resort will be available.

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I have updated my post from yesterday with screen shots of how to see the daily room rates for a given hotel. You would repeat the process for any hotel and room category in which you have interest. It will only show you the rates for the category you’ve selected.

I noticed that in Jan trip. I was going one night at a time to see what was available each night and like on a Friday night it might say no availability anywhere but if you went Fri-Sun for two all the sudden four hotels have availability. So they must be available Friday night.