Hotel reservation falling out of MDE

I have a July reservation for the Swan and every other day my hotel reservation keeps falling out of MDE. I haven’t booked FP’s yet but am concerned given the current status of deleting if it keeps falling off. Does anyone have experience with this?

Once I link mine, I’ve never had it disappear if that’s what you mean by “falling out”.

However, it normally only shows the basic info and res# and says that the details are unavailable or something like that.

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My reservation for the swan keeps disappearing in MDE

then I’ve never had that happen. Only stayed there twice though.

Are you talking about the MDE app or MDE on the Web?

FYI there was a May 2nd update to the MDE app that fixed a number of issues I was having with my reservations appearing.

I am at Dolphin and have had to relink a couple of times. Finally gave up! But I have AP so I wasn’t worried about my FP. If you aren’t AP, perhaps call WDW to help. Or Swan directly.

Yep, this happened to me with my reservation at the Dolphin. You could (maybe should?) call Disney and see if they have any sort of workaround. We booked super last minute so it didn’t cause any FP issues but if you’re in the 30-60 day window I might be worried about losing your booked FPs.

Never had hotel res disapper; had FPP disappear and reappear last year. Sill have the issue when I log into MDE and as soon as I go to My Plans, it takes me right back to login. Magic band order disappears every other day too