Hotel rating?

Hello! I have been a faithful reader of the Unofficial Disney guides for a very long time. I pick up a copy every other year which corresponds to our vacations. I wondered if someone could tell me why a highly rated hotel in the 2016 edition is not listed in the 2018 edition. We are staying at the Villas of Grand Cypress in early December and I hope we do not have reason to be concerned. We tried to get a villa on property but had no luck so we chose this accommodation as we need space for 4 adults and 1 baby. The resort continues to receive positive reviews on other travel web sites. I would appreciate knowing if we should consider changing resorts. thank you so much.

@len Any info for @Ann_Marie_Buell?

I’ve never stayed there but I have looked at staying there as it gets such great reviews

It’s currently the top rated accommodation in the whole of Orlando on Trip advisor so you’ve got zero to worry about at all

It has to be pretty special to get the reviews and ratings it does on there

Looks like a fabulous property. I’d want to have my own car or a rental car though.

Thanks for reading the book, @Ann_Marie_Buell.

I believe we dropped the Villas because we had not received a reader survey for it in the past 7 years. (The vast, vast majority of our readers stay on site or in a vacation home.)

Let me know how it is, please. The website photos look good, and the Google Maps images are promising.

Thank you for the referral to Len; your assistance is appreciated.

Thank you Len. I will be happy to write a review when we return.

Thank you- I do feel better.

Yes, we plan to rent a car. Thank you for your help.