Hotel Pool Question


So we’ll be at DBI next week and while we’re very excited about the hotel, we’re all a little creeped out by that clown pool (what were they thinking?!). We were considering walking across the lake to the DBCR and using that awesome pirate pool. Anyone know if that’s allowed?


No, it is not allowed.


storm along bay is for BC YC guests only, but boardwalk has a quiet pool


The clown pool is known for its great slide.


Bummer. Ok - thanks for the feedback, everyone. We will suffer though the “scary clown” at DBI then. If that’s the worst thing we have to deal with then it’ll be a good week. First world problems, right? :grin:


We just went there and were concerned about the clown. When we were there we barely noticed it! The quiet pool near the community center is actually quite great. The community center has lots of activities. Seemed like a good place to have part of your group in the pool and part of your group doing activities. We made a Mickey tie dye there and had a great time!


We aren’t scared of clowns, but still barely noticed it. Great slide. And when you’re in the pool, it’s barely more than a big orange wall. Unless you’re predisposed to having issues with clowns. I guess that’s a thing…


No - we’re not really “scared” of clowns even though that’s a thing. Despite wondering what they were thinking with that thing (because it is creepy), it was more about just seeing the cooler pool area across the bay and wondering if “pool hopping” was allowed. I don’t expect that it will really be a problem.


Yes, the other pool is considered better. But by most hotel standards, the BW pool is still pretty good. We only used it twice in 7 days anyway. Have fun!