Hotel - meeting up with family

Hello!! We are very excited for our first trip to Universal! We are doing a “split-stay” - we are booked all week at the Hyatt, but we also have booked a room at Royal Pacific for a night for the Express Passes (going during Spring Break!). We will be 3 adults and 2 teenagers tho and are worried about the room size - we are stretching the budget as is with the RP stay and can’t spring for a suite there. How crowded will we be?? If half our party chooses to stay at the Hyatt (still checked in to RP to get the EA/EP benefits) what is the best way to have them meet us in line in the AM at rope drop? TIA!

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Good plan for getting the max benefit from the Royal Pacific splurge!

I think you’d feel very cramped with all those bodies sharing the Royal Pacific room, so having some of your party remain at the Hyatt is IMO the better way to go.

You probably didn’t mean it this way, but please don’t literally meet “in line”—with some of you holding a spot for the rest to join them. That’s definitely not cool. :wink:

First visits are the best, have the best time!


Any chance your group could ride share to RPR in the morning?


Just make sure all five of you are on the RPR booking.

Agree with the others that splitting the group’s sleeping location is best.