Hotel M18

I’ve booked five nights at BC next year.

In order to save hardly any dollars, I booked a standard room rather than one with a specified type of view.

I’ve started looking at what rooms might be available and they’re all pretty bad, but some are horrifying.

For example:

How important is view to you?

Should I call WDW in a panic and upgrade to garden view? That’s what I’ve got at YC next month and I managed to find some reasonable ones to request.

How long are you planning to spend looking out the window?


Ditto. While having a view is “nice to have”, considering this is your one-night room where you plan to go to HS, visit the pool, etc., I’m wondering if you’ll even care about the view. I presume you’ll have a decent view in your main accommodations.

Agree with comments above. You be in a lovely hotel with great common areas that you can enjoy. I’d put the extra money towards some of the fabulous meals you likely have planned.

We stayed in a standard room at YC and weren’t bothered at all by the lack of view. Our room was on the front of the hotel, slightly overlooking the driveway.

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BC is far and away my favorite hotel. And I always get a standard view room. The view isn’t really important to me as I usually spend very little time sitting out there (only on occasion when DS is napping). I usually just ask for a full balcony and have always received that request. I’d rather spend my time in the parks, at the pool or just hanging by the water. View from the room just isn’t critical for me!


How many dollars did you save? If it’s just a few dollars more per night, then it might be worth it. Everyone draws their line in a different place, but for me a view is only worth about $20/night. More than that requires extra consideration for me.

I wouldn’t pay an upgrade for a view while my DH would so it really depends on how much the view matters to you. Maybe calculate what the view would cost you, compare it to what else you could spend that money on (eg. a dinner or special event) and decide which matters more to you?

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Not important at all - the room is for crashing at night, and they all look the same in the dark.

I mean, I wouldn’t complain if I got a nice view, but I’m not going to be spending much time looking at it.


I’m talking about the five nights I have at BC next year.

I enjoy a nice view but I wouldn’t pay extra for it. My only fear would be noise. Especially if it was just me don’t worry about it.

What? You honestly expect me to take the time to READ your posts before responding? How arrogant of you! :wink:

(My brain apparently translated BC to YC in my head since I just read your other thread about switching to YC from CR, etc. Sorry about that.)

I’ve upgraded to Garden or Woods view.

The total extra cost was £20, i.e. £4 per night. A nicer view is worth that to me!


We have garden view at BC next year, but that’s only because I couldn’t get standard. There are some decent standard views. Just seen your last post, at that cost I’d upgrade too, I’m surprised it’s so little.

I don’t give a rodent’s derriere about views personally, but if the difference was £4 per night my DH would strangle me if I didn’t upgrade…


I agree. Your action has been approved. Carry on!

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Is your financial advisor even speaking to you anymore?


She’s been admitted to a specialist facility, citing “emotional exhaustion”.


Maybe you should bring her back a small gift. Perhaps a Mickey krispy bar or even a You Are Here mug.

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Of course, you could have spent that extra money on Mickey Mouse Ear Ice Cream Sandwiches instead. Where are your priorities?

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When it comes to Disney expenditure, there is no “or”, only “and”.