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Is there any program or app anyone knows of for finding Disney hotel availability? I’d like to plan somewhat of a last minute trip for a night or 2 in mid December or January and there is no availability at any of the values. Wondering if there is any sort of alert system?

Have you tried using a Travel Agent? They are free and often have better access to room availability. I use Storybook Destinations as they are one of TPs “partners”

Actually, most TAs see the same as what you see as a consumer. The only way a TA will “know” about more availability is by taking the time to hunt and peck, same as you.

The exception would be those agencies that buy blocks of rooms and sell them at convention rates. They probably can see exactly what they have left in THEIR inventory.


Have you checked into the disney springs hotels? Not technically on property but perhaps more convenient?

I haven’t checked with a TA for this trip because what I’m looking to do is just stay one night at a value and go to one of the DAH at MK on a Friday night, and AK on saturday. My boyfriend is moving to outside Daytona so I thought it would be a fun thing to pull together since he hasn’t been in many, many years. I’d be flying in for the weekend and was hoping to stay on property to take advantage of the Magical express on the way in as my bf would meet me there after work but I could always take an Uber. Thanks for the idea

TAs don’t care if you are staying 1 night or 10. Whenever you book through Disney you pay the same price as going thru a TA. The difference is when you book with a TA they get a commission. When you book with Disney they keep that commission.

I agree with this. However, they will have the time to hunt & peck and will wake up early to find those rooms that got released overnight. Also, they may be making bookings for multiple customers and may see something open up.

If you have the time you can DIY a room search, but IMHO I’d at least make a phone call and see if they can help you.

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Oh for sure! A good TA is worth their weight in gold. I just didn’t want OP to think they had access to a secret stash.

Hire a TA to do all the hard work for you. Hunting and pecking, FastPasses, ADRs and all the extras too.


Thank you for the advice! I reached out to MVT and was able to get a room at Pop at a great rate that wasn’t showing through the Disney website. The help here is always appreciated

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Yes, they do that block-of-rooms-and-sell-at-convention-rate thing i mentioned above. You’ll never find those on the Disney site.