Hotel Fax from Touring Plans

What is everyone’s experience with the fax that Touring Plans sends on your behalf? I am worried about my room location because the site will not allow me to make room requests, it just completely shuts down or Stitch eats the page, so I am hoping the TP fax works out. I know it isn’t a guarantee, but curious about others’ experience with it. TIA!

50/50 here. For AKL, I got room next to one I asked for, WL got same area with requested view 1 floor down from my request, but at POR, I got the exact opposite of my request once (requested top floor in mansions and got bottom level in alligator bayou) and then just completely different building the other time.

Common thought is that they have rendered those inoperable (and will probably remove them) because people didn’t get that they were JUST requests and were pitching fits when they didn’t get them.

For the fax requests, I do more general requests like Top floor, Corner Room, then a building or section.
In Feb I got 2 out of 3 at Sports - Top Floor in Surfs’ Up. I was 2 doors down from the corner.
In Sept I got 2 out of 3 at POFQ - Top Floor and Corner Room. Furthest building away though.

Bottom line is they are still ONLY requests - there are only so many rooms that meet specific requests.

I’ve found it’s better to have two or three more generalized requests and to put them in priority order (like at Sports, Surfs’ Up was most important as I cannot stand football, then top floor, then corner) - that way the assigner knows what is most important and can start there. Also, avoid “negative” requests like “not top floor” or “not connecting” because it’s FAR too easy for the assigner to miss the “not”.

Overall from people reporting back their success, TP think they have around a 66% success rate. But of course not everybody reports back.

My own experience - once we got a room a couple of doors down, once the exact room, and once the right building but they offered to see what else was available at check in because it wasn’t what had been requested, and ended up with a free upgrade to river view. All at POFQ.

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