Hotel Dining Tips Please!


I’m local, living in Osceola County. But my DD17 is visiting me this week. We have other things besides Disney on the itinerary. However, last night she casually mentioned that she’d never in her life been in a fancy hotel. I thought I’d change that for her for an early 18th birthday dinner. So here’s the combo I’m looking for:

  1. A hotel (preferably, but not necessarily Disney) that has a really stunning exterior/interior architecture
  2. A restaurant inside said hotel that is good and has attainable short notice reservation chances as this will be this coming Friday or Saturday.


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see if anything helps w/ this link. CSR has some good deals and its lobby is pretty fancy, IMHO

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I was going to suggest Toledo at GDT also.

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Four Seasons is definitely fancy pants and Ravello is amazing for dinner.


We just stayed at Coronado and we all thought it was amazingly nice, especially our DD14 who said she doesn’t think she wants to stay anywhere else in the future. :smiley:

GDT was beautiful and felt swanky for sure.

There are still some really good GDT and regular resort CSR deals on Hotwire for August when I checked yesterday



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The Gaylord may check the box although I haven’t stayed at the one in Orlando.

I’d go with GFC at the Grand Flo!

I’m all for swanky w/o the price tag!

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Thanks, all! I do love Coronado Springs, at least from the outside. I drive for Uber as a side gig and have done pickups/dropoffs at almost every resort. CSR is definitely my favorite to look at. That said, I decided to go with GFC at Grand Floridian for the dinner with DD17. The Toledo menu seems too adventurous for her, and after all, she only has one 18th birthday! Since this will be a day-of surprise, I couldn’t ask her in advance, lol! Plus, she’s never been to Disney. I think she’ll enjoy walking around Grand Floridian, and hopping on a monorail ride to at least see the castle. And we can easily stop in Contemporary and check that out too. The Epcot monorail is still closed, is it not?


GFC is such a great restaurant. You won’t be disappointed.
The Epcot monorail is up and running as of last week or so.

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Is the monorail open to the Poly yet? I can’t remember the ETA on that stop.

I don’t think it’s done yet.

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I agree with @ninjasherrie. I don’t think it’s open yet and haven’t heard anything about the timeline as to when it will be.

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No Poly Monorail stop as of 8/8 when we were last there. They were advising folks to walk from the TTC stop which was confusing some, although frankly isn’t a bad walk although it depends a little on where your room is…

My impression was it won’t be open soon either…

Monorail wasn’t stopping at Poly yesterday but this site said it’s due to open mid Aug…
Disney’s Polynesian Resort monorail station looks set for a mid-August reopening (
Hers my pic from yesterday

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