Hotel Booking - tell me how to book the last part of my stay!

Today is our official 7-month mark… which means we can book DVC rentals at any hotel. I think I’ve got a plan, and have talked to our “source”. So, she’s going to work on booking part of our stay. However, we’re doing some things that I haven’t done before and I need some confidence that I’m doing this right.

We’re planning to do a 3-hotel split stay. I know it’s not ideal to be moving around so much, but it’ll be quite a bit cheaper, and reduce travel time for us. The first two are DVC rentals, and I know they “bridge” well with fastpasses, but not ADRs. Right?
However, here’s where I need help. The last part of the stay, we want to book at a moderate for 3 nights. No discounts are out yet. I’ve been watching MVT and the Disney website. So, should I book something room-only direct through Disney, now? If discounts do come out, I can apply them to my existing reservation? Should I wait and see if something better shows up?
Also, how does the split stay work going from DVC to non-DVC? Will everything link up well, or will I have to call and have someone do something?

Thanks much

As for the moving, everything will be fine.

Bell Services can move your luggage for you. And FPs will be fine for booking for the whole length of all consecutive onsite stays without having to do anything to the reservations ( other than making sure they are all showing in MDE ).

You will have three booking windows for ADRs, and there isn’t a way around that (unless you are a DVC Member yourself).

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