Hotel Availability late Oct/Nov

Hi everyone- I am new to this forum!
After a great 4 day weekend mid-August in WDW I was looking to repeat a similar trip in late October or early November…I am repeatedly checking WDW website for special offers and the room availability is pretty bad… only Caribbean Beach seems to be consistently available. My question is this- Touring Plans has these weeks of crowd level of 3,4 max 5… do you think the rooms are truly all sold out at these locations? Or is Disney hoarding these rooms for last minute bookings?

The rooms are most likely sold out - WDW is all about the $$$, so they would not turn their back on a potential sale if they had the rooms available.

Also, CLs are not s good indicator of resort fullness. The WDW marketing machine works hard to ensure that the resorts are at or near capacity year round. The main driver of park crowds are the offsite guests - there are far more of them than on-site.

The Wine & Dine half marathon weekend is November 2-5, which definitely affects room availability and discounts.

There have been a few people saying there is some sort of glitch issue disney is having where families are being booked “twice”. Like a ghost reservation at a different hotel than the one they actually booked. Some have said this may be why availability has been pretty slim. Haven’t heard of this has been fixed or not.

@len reported this the other day. There is something funny going on. I did not exist in the system this weekend when I was staying at SSR. It took me over an hour to book a bounce back.

Ahhhh good points…
I doesn’t it seem odd though to book a room and not go to Food and Wine or MNSSHP…
do you think it’s a bad time to go?

Anytime is a good time to go! :slight_smile:

Truer words never spoken!! Thank you :laughing: