Hotel 2022 Prices

Looking at April 2022 and I see that the 330-390 prices I saw for 2021 go up $200+ per night in 2022.

And on undercovertourist the Royal Pacific is listed as Sold Out already.

OK relative noob here.
Is that realistic?
Will prices come down and RP become available closer to 2022?

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Do your dates fall out on Easter next year but not this year? That could account for the jump in prices.

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No. It’s closer to Easter but still after that weekend.

ETA: and I think it’s still after the never-ending US Spring breaks

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What are your dates? Have you tried excluding nights and checking the room types to make sure you are comparing apples to apples?

April 23-25, 2022.
I double-checked the room type & I’m comparing the same rooms.
All of the UOR’s deluxe hotels seem to rocket skyward a year from now.

I think you are triggering a rate that is too close to Easter. If I look at this years rates the Saturday after Easter, the seasonal rate is the rate is 545. . Next year, the Saturday after Easter gives rates of 567. That fits with the ~$20 increase in rates I am seeing at other times of the year.

The Sunday after easter was only 371.


Ah yes, I see. Thanks.
Well that definitely takes a bite out of the savings on Express Passes.

It could be that they are hoping for Revenge Vacationing. If the demand isn’t there, they’ll lower the prices.



Narrator voice:
The Moose Out Front Should Have Warned You.


I’m not thrilled with the term, either. Maybe Boomerang Vacationing? But that sounds more like going back to Disney with a pin code.

Although I think lots of people will be saying, “I’m going to vacation, damn it! Come hell or high water.” So, a strong term does seem needed.

Maybe it OK that I’m burning through vacation days now. I like to avoid doing what everyone else is doing. Maybe we’ll do long weekends visiting Texas while everyone else is going hog-wild vacationing. Although we do have that two-week Disney trip planned for Jan 2022.

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I think it’s incredibly smart to be using vacation days now. We took more random local getaways last year than we ever have because there was hardly anybody traveling. We were very easily able to keep space from other people and still have a lot of fun. Our local Six Flags closed the theme park, but kept the water park open and we went several times. Often, we were in the lazy river with no one else in sight. I’m going to be selfishly sad when these places start filling up again.

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Me, too. I often feel guilty that the day-to-day lives of my immediate family has actually improved since the lockdown. I love working from home and the family likes having me home. My employer has added employees, so my job is as secure as any job can be. There have been annoyances, like eagerly awaited conventions being cancelled. I know that isn’t true of a great many people. My mother, for example, has left the house twice since the lockdown and one of those times was to get the shot. Even then she has Dad.

I’ve enjoyed Six Flags too. I live somewhat near the original one, which reopened July 4th. My family won’t go if they have to wear masks. I’ll sometimes pop in for a couple of hours if I’m driving by and alone. But the good news is that Six Flags added a year to the passes.

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