Host a large gathering at ASSports

We have a friend who is a chaperon to a youth event in WDW and about 60 folks will be staying at ASSports. They want to host a gathering at this hotel, and we’re trying to help with the planning. We’ve stayed at ASSports but it was more than 15yrs ago so we don’t know what’s available as an option here. We don’t want to take up the food court as that would be very disruptive to other guests. Ideally we’re thinking a small to medium conference room; or, since the rooms are in a block and we’re assuming will all be together, we’re thinking could stage a ‘come-and-go’ with 2 connecting rooms. Decorations are a requirement, and the budget is basically $0 (I know, it’s a tall order!) which is why we’re looking to our TP friends for some help (we use Liners Chat on the phone all the time, and we’re hoping for similar response here). Lastly, the start time would be 9p on a Friday evening, which along with the $0 budget seems to rule out any restaurants in DSprings. We’ve thought about offsite, but all of the traveling party have no rental cars, thus would be addl costs for an already tight budget.

We hope someone out there can help; we do plan to contact the hotel to see what they can do but otherwise we’re REALLY searching for ideas and help! Thanks in advance for your brainstorm ideas!

To the best of my knowledge, the values don’t have any “conference rooms”, and if they did, I’m sure the cost of renting one would be prohibitive. For an event starting at 9:00 PM, I’m assuming that “youth” means teens. I don’t know how late you expect the event to go, but I believe that the pools are open until 11:00; a “pool party”, even if there is no actual swimming, might be a possibility. Using one or two rooms as a “come and go” is a very common practice at various professional conferences that I attend. Just remember that there are other guests in the hotel, so you’ll have to monitor the noise level in and around the area. As for decorations, that will be pretty much up to you and what you are able to bring with you.

Struggling to resist leaving a sarky comment. “large gathering as ASSports” - talk about teeing it up… :wink:

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Maybe they should call Disney and maybe a tent could be set up somewhere on the resort so you won’t use the food court.

thanks bswan, pool party is a great idea we didn’t think about. and yes, youth=teens. certainly agree about the noise level, as i’ve read other posts where the noise at values is borderline excessive and runs until early morning hours; this event would be slated for a couple hours only as they need to be up and going fairly early the next day (in teen talk, that’s anything before noon :wink: )

well, i was going to just use initials, when i realized post would probably get deleted :slight_smile:

good idea, we understand there’s a concierge at this property, so we’re trying to see if/what they can do to help.

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That’s why I call it ASSp :smiley:

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